Field reports

Before we take you on our trip, we would like to share the vision generation and how we finally came across the HDVC (Help to self-help for disabled and vulnerable children) project in Rwanda.
5 weeks full of impressions come to an end Our time at the HDVC Kabuga in Rwanda / Africa Our trip started on Monday, November 4th, 2019, from Frankfurt via Istanbul to Kigali a full 10 hours journey. Christine, the head of the HDVC Kabuga project, welcomed us together with her entire family in the […]
Back home in Germany and looking back at the time we spent in Rwanda, we slowly realize of what experience we were blessed with abroad.
In January 2020 we traveled to Kigali, 6.203 km linear distance away from Koblenz. Impressions we were allowed to collect during our stay in the capital of Rwanda were overwhelming in so many ways. When we set off with a few donations in our luggage to actively support Christine Mukeshimana’s physiotherapy-oriented help-for-self-help project, we looked […]