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Kreissparkasse Mayen
Hilfsprojekt HDVC Kabuga e.V.
IBAN: DE95 5765 0010 0098 0710 79

What happens to the donations?

1000 RFS = approx. 1€
6,50 monthly costs per child for:
  • Medical care (medication, medical consultation, etc.)
  • Maintenance of the center (rent, electricity, water; administrative)
  • Food (daily meal, porridge)
  • Maintenance of inventory
  • Employees / helpers
  • Transfer costs

Explanation of costs


Almost all of the center's children and their families are malnourished. They usually spend the whole day in the center. Preparing a warm meal is not only a task for the waiting mothers, but also an essential prerequisite for successful therapy.

Support - transfer

Many of the children have to walk for two hours to reach the center. With the costs listed, bus tickets could be purchased so that the difficult daily journey can be made easier for mothers, grandmothers and children.


The local people are of course also depending on income. The long-term objective is to continue improving the center and to reward all local workers for their work. One Examples given is the house guard: he lives on the property of the center, so that it can be guarded around the clock and a burglary can be prevented.

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How does the donation transfer work?

  • The “Association Partnership RLP / Rwanda e.V.” has its own coordination office in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. This enables us to transfer the donations to Rwanda safely and without additional costs. Donation receipt and expenditure are documented on site. The money is only paid to the person we have named.